Asian Region of The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

Job Opening: Intersex Asia is looking for a Coordinator

Job Opening: Intersex Asia is looking for a Coordinator

Location: Bangkok, THAILAND

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 21, 2019 (23.59 ICT)

Languages Required: English

Starting Date: June 1, 2019

Duration of Initial Contract: 12 months, with 3-month probationary period and possibility of further extension


Despite some progress having been made recently for the intersex movement globally, intersex people in Asia are still going through serious social discrimination, stigma, and violations of human rights. Many of them had been “normalized” through medical and surgical interventions without consent at a very early age. There is no educational material to teach about intersex issues based on the human rights perspective. There is no law to protect intersex people from unnecessary, unconsented and irreversible sex assigned surgery. Prior to 2015, there was no network for intersex people in Asia. Intersex activists in Asia were all working alone without any resource, among them were OII-Chinese, OII-Philippines (Philippines), Srishti Madurai (India) and Campaign for Change (Nepal). Most of them were one or two-person organizations, or intersex individuals only.

Established in February 2018, Intersex Asia is the first regional network for intersex people representing the diverse region of Asia, working together to end discrimination, promoting and protecting the human rights of intersex people. Intersex Asia aims to be a representative voice for Asian intersex people and communities, and to ensure that the rights to bodily integrity, physical autonomy, and self-determination of intersex people are promoted and protected everywhere.

We are looking for a Coordinator to take the network through this critical period, and to assist the members in achieving the aforementioned goals. We are looking for someone who is passionate about human rights works, and is eager to service the marginalised intersex communities in Asia to speak with their voice and claim their rights. Having 60% of the world population, Asia is the continent that has most intersex people who need servicing. Our members are diverse in culture, language, ethnic, and religions, which make the job challenging yet a wonderful opportunity. Selected candidate will be the first ever to service the intersex communities in Asia.

Key responsibilities

  • Finalize the Strategic Plan based on the inputs from previous consultations with members of Intersex Asia;

  • Develop annual working plans and budgets based on the Strategic Plan, and implement their execution;

  • Report the progress of projects implementation to the board of Intersex Asia and various donors as required;

  • Oversee the finances of Intersex Asia until a Finance Officer is hired;

  • Organize all the trainings and meetings for Intersex Asia as per the annual work plan;

  • Become the main contact point for Intersex Asia to members and external stakeholders and partners;

  • Lead the resource mobilization activities to secure funding for expansion of the network and its programs, including exploring opportunities, liaising with donors, and writing proposals, in consultation with Intersex Asia board;

  • Propose to the board of Intersex Asia options to legally register the network and implement the proposal.


  • Bachelor degree in social sciences or other related fields;

  • Three to five years of experience in management of a non-profit organization;

  • Prior experience of working in an LGBTI organization, or with the LGBTI community is an asset;

  • Substantial knowledge of intersex issues and the intersex community is an asset;

  • Strong communication skills;

  • High level of English fluency, especially in speaking, listening, reading, and writing; applicant is requested to submit three pieces of writing along with the application;

  • Candidates who self-identify as LGBTIQ person are strongly encouraged to apply;

  • Prior experience working on human rights and using human-rights based approach is preferred.

If interested in this position, you can download the application pack here. You are required to send the application pack to us as instructed in the file to by April 21st, 2018 (23.59 ICT).

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